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I am going to be away and without internet for the next week (not that you'd necessarily notice given my hugely prolific posting schedule) so I'm not just ignoring you :)

I'm hoping to return having sorted out some of the problems in one of my current fics, so I will just have to type it up and polish it for posting. Fingers crossed.

Have a fun week!
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And so the good news is that with excellent and instructive commenting from [personal profile] carmarthen and [personal profile] linaerys, the Cottia fic is back on track. Or at least there are a few tracks in the distance towards which it is headed. Yay.
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Are any of you willing to do a quick read-through of the first scene (about 5k) of my Marcus/Esca/Cottia fic?

I'm not looking for a thorough beta (it's not at that stage yet) but for someone familiar with the characters and setting to give me comments on why it isn't working yet.

Or for someone not in the Eagle fandom who is willing to just point out why I'm writing badly this week.

I can add you to the googledoc or email it in word, whatever works best.
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I'm not ignoring you all, it seems I can currently neither post directly to LJ nor reply to comments there. Ho hum.

(it seems I will just have to stop procrastinating and write a damn fic
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This is an experiment in crossposting from Dreamwidth to LJ. I'm not leaving LJ (my fandoms are here!) but I'm getting bored of this.

I'm aleathiel on DW too.


Apr. 6th, 2011 07:39 pm
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Hello again, Dreamwidth. It seems I will be exploring you a lot more if LJ keeps being so rubbish. Now I need to seek out my friends...
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Right folks, I am now officially "aleathiel" on dreamwidth too. I haven't had time to play around with it yet, but will get there.

EDIT: I'm not MOVING over there. I will probably cross post when I work it out. I just want to look at the shiny new journal and make sure I get my username there.
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I absolutely did not intend to break my writing hiatus with something like this. I had a resolution and it was about posting a deep, plotty, meaningful fic. And then [ profile] lizardspots posted this and wanted fic. And what can I say, I am weak.

So, consider this to be an abberation. It's short, unbetad and totally without shame, and does not in any way consitute my return after the hiatus. Really.

Why Merlin had to clean Arthur's favourite jacket )
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Of all the fics I thought I might find on my flist today, this was not among them.

Go read this. It's called Wild Honey and it's by [ profile] mrs_leary

It's Calum MacLeod (from the novel Island by Jane Rogers as portrayed by Colin Morgan in the coming film The Sea Change) and a fictionalized version of/ a fictional character called Bradley James. It isn't Colin/Bradley because that's not who these characters are, it reads to me as though this is characters they could play, perhaps, as it isn't them and it isn't an AU.

I've never read Island, although I did just scan the summary, and that doesn't detract from this story at all. It works beautifully as a piece of original fiction. Read her headers for full information because there are issues about the character of Calum you might want to know in advance. I feel like the story deals with Calum with care and respect, but then I don't really know what I'm talking about and I'm quite willing to admit that.

Fic is here
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Someone on [ profile] merlin_finders is looking for a fic that I know I've read and I can't remember the author or the title. It isn't in any of the places I thought I would find it, which means that one of you must have recced it to me (in fact, I think I remember that happening, but not who!)

The fic was a one-shot told from the perspective of a king of a tribe who were involved in a battle of some kind which was turned in their favour by Arthur and his knights. Interactions with Arthur and Merlin are then related, which include the king using a translator to pretend that he can't speak the same language as Arthur. I remember it because it was different, and a cleverly told version of an outsider's view, including magic (I think there was a woman who could do magic?) and Merlin and Arthur's relationship.

HELP! Does anyone else remember this fic and who wrote it - and which of you recced it!?
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I don't like reading filters, but I was gone two and a half days and my flist got to skip = 360. Eek.

Also, while on numerous (delayed) trains, I was writing. Having written a list of planned/started fic, I, of course, ended up writing something completely different! :)
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Okay, tell me about Dreamwidth (looks at [ profile] ineptshieldmaid in particular.

I like the sound of it in terms of its policies and how it has managed to try and do right all the things LJ has done wrong. A while ago a core group of my flist moved over the InsaneJournal when they couldn't stand LJ anymore and while I try and keep up with both, it's frustrating. But better than losing them. I heard DW has a facility for cross-posting too... (someone will have to explain this to me in very basic terms, lol!)

So how does DW work? Me = poor student who doesn't like paid accounts, is there a free equivelent on DW like there is here? Am I right that I need an invite?
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What with the 10th Anniversary of LJ and folks posting their first posts again, I thought I'd go back and look at mine.

April 10th 2003 (I just missed my 6th Birthday!)

Wow, first post. Nothing to say. Hmm. I bet that's original. And yet being on here means not studying for A-levels or writing fanfiction or original stuff or anything even remotely useful. Oh I love it already!
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I got runner up for Best Kink Fic for The Joye of Sexe in the Spring 09 MAFAs. Until this moment even my nomination had passed me by.

Thanks guys! (I had assumed that my hiatus had made my fics unknown pretty much. It's lovely to discover I was wrong)

EDIT: The category also amuses me.
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Right, on Saturday I am going away for a few days (with laptop, without internet). I am intending to be writing in this time, but I am also going to save a few things to read. So: which fabulous fics might I have missed in the last few mad crazy weeks that I absolutely need to catch up on?

(Yes, I mean Merlin fics, but rec me anything else I might love too)
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Since I am now actually almost functioning as a human being again (and therefore can contemplate the idea of fic), and because [ profile] mariamme and I have been talking about it:

What fandom cliches do you feel are ignored/under-represented in the Merlin fandom?

(I'm thinking I might write a few short fics while working on my [ profile] boxofmagic fic. And they might be a bit silly, to counter the serious fic)

Ideas I've had so far:

wingfic (WHY? I DON'T LIKE WINGFIC, BUT BUT BUT... this cliche as been beautifully done by [ profile] fortassetu with Arthur as an avenging angel, and there's that lovely drawing by [ profile] draykonis, but both were back in the fandom's youth and it might be time to get this cliche out again...)

Forced to be together/bound together.

Stuck in a small space together.

Pretending to be a couple for some reason.

(Also have been talking about AUs. HIGHWAYMEN and Memoires of a Geisha. So feel free to weigh in on that too)

Basically I want to generate ideas for discussion. Anyone who wants to is free to steal an idea too, obviously.

What's that slightly ridiculous fic/cliche that you just wish someone would write?

PS: YES I am still writing all those other things I've talked about. I'm just a bit of a butterfly about projects. Flower to flower and all that
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Job Orientation by [ profile] seperis is quite possibly one of the most happy-making fics I've ever read.

If you haven't read it, go do so now.

Yes, yes, I am writing my essay. I AM
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Update on the below: I have signed up for [ profile] boxofmagic. Don't know yet what I will be writing, but I'm sure it will be fun!

(I signed up for section four = 35 000 words)
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