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Since I am now actually almost functioning as a human being again (and therefore can contemplate the idea of fic), and because [ profile] mariamme and I have been talking about it:

What fandom cliches do you feel are ignored/under-represented in the Merlin fandom?

(I'm thinking I might write a few short fics while working on my [ profile] boxofmagic fic. And they might be a bit silly, to counter the serious fic)

Ideas I've had so far:

wingfic (WHY? I DON'T LIKE WINGFIC, BUT BUT BUT... this cliche as been beautifully done by [ profile] fortassetu with Arthur as an avenging angel, and there's that lovely drawing by [ profile] draykonis, but both were back in the fandom's youth and it might be time to get this cliche out again...)

Forced to be together/bound together.

Stuck in a small space together.

Pretending to be a couple for some reason.

(Also have been talking about AUs. HIGHWAYMEN and Memoires of a Geisha. So feel free to weigh in on that too)

Basically I want to generate ideas for discussion. Anyone who wants to is free to steal an idea too, obviously.

What's that slightly ridiculous fic/cliche that you just wish someone would write?

PS: YES I am still writing all those other things I've talked about. I'm just a bit of a butterfly about projects. Flower to flower and all that
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