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I don't know if anyone ever actually reads this journal any more since I've not exactly been updating regularly, but meh, it's my journal so I am going to still post. Drop in and say Hi if are actually vaguely still reading.

On which note, I'm going to start an LJ for my Nanowrimo as soon as I've come up with a title - yes I know I'm running close to the wire here - so leave a comment if you want to be added on that journal. I'll post again when it's up and running and you can comment there if you'd prefer.

Anyway, recently I've not been in the fandom much, but I've been reading orginial fic slash. So I'm generating a list below of recs. Please feel free to comment with recs of your own.

recs below the cut )

Okay, so, off the top of my head those are my recommendations. I'll add more as I remember/come across them.


Feb. 10th, 2006 07:24 pm
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I found this on [ profile] slash_elitists. I don't even like the pairing.

But, having said that, this is one of the best fics I've read for a long time. It's about 15000 words in 4 parts, the first playing on a premise which is not entirely unusual. BUT, what she does after that is original.

Title: Möbius
Author: Mandy (aka [ profile] geneticallydead)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: HP/SS
Archive: Please ask permission first.
Spoilers: Post-HBP
Disclaimer: No ownership claimed, no infringement intended.

Summary: Ten years after the fall of Voldemort, Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts, celebrated as the saviour of the wizarding world. In the history books, Harry Potter stood over the hollow corpse of Lord Voldemort, vibrant and triumphant, and incinerated that withered old body to the depths of hell. The real truth was, Severus Snape killed Voldemort.

Not Harry Potter.

Link to part one
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Fics with a mixed up chronology

1: This fic is f-locked. I'm really sorry. But I can't not include it in this post because it's the one that first took my breath away for using mixed chronology so stunningly EDIT: [ profile] cupidsbow has given permission for this rec - approach her for permission to read the fic.
Falling Stars by [ profile] cupidsbow.

Orlando/Elijah. R.

This is the fic that is the best example I know of out of order chronology. I love the way you have no idea what's going on and then bits gradually fall into place. I love that there are fabulously unexpected bits in terms of characterisation as well, pushing back what you thought were pretty established boundaries.

Extract: Elijah ran his fingers through the stubble covering his head and over the ridge of his PAL implant, the feel of it beneath his skin was still unfamiliar. Sometimes it was hard to believe he'd really decided to exchange the small, safe bump of the regular comms implant, for the invasive wedge that was now part of his brain.

2: Tennesse by [ profile] cimorene.
In the mountains, Chattanooga.
explanation of timeline, if you didn't get it. Don't read this until afterwards, if you need to

Viggorli. NC17 (also Sean A/Elijah)
The first part is good but, in my opinion, is just a long opening to the fantastic second part.

Viggo and Orlando take a road trip from Iowa to Florida. I don't want to say too much because it would ruin the way the fic unfolds.

Extract: Orli sleeps for a little more than an hour in the early afternoon. His head is to the side, his lips slightly parted, his hand lying loose on his knee. Viggo wants to reach out and touch him; he wants to have the right to do it, to lace their fingers on Orli's knee, and kiss Orli's knuckles if he wakes up. He doesn't have the right, and he doesn't do it.

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Meant to post this last night, but got distracted by posting a fic of my own.

Beautifully, 'poetically' written fics:

1: She by [ profile] _cee.
...and a happy home, where, when you get there and isis, on the fifth day.

EDIT: [ profile] _cee has just told me there is a fourth part: no sins inside the gates

Why read it?: This is the fic that made me decide on this theme. Last week, rather ironically, before all the rumours started. Because yes, this fic is Viggo/Viggo's wife/Orlando. So OFC: which normally would be enough to make me run away screaming. But not here - this is delicious. I love the slow way it unfolds, the way the three stories wind in and out of each other, the sense just sort of falling together out of chronological order. I love the words, how each one fits to make such magical sentences. This is how I wish I could write. It's achy and bittersweet and soft and just generally lovely.

Extract: Orlando said someone else's name when he came, spilling hot against her thigh while the air shivered with brimstone and voltage, and that was all right because she did, too.

2: Bleached by [ profile] blythely

Why read this fic: Because it conveys a beautiful still moment of reflection. It tells a lot, just through emotion, without feeling the need for much plot. The description is rich and the Viggo is just so Viggo. And it contains one of my favourite lines in a Viggorli fic anywhere - see below.

Extract: Orlando keeps the left watch on L for London time and the right watch on California, or Sydney, or wherever he is. Viggo wonders when the left wrist will be L for Los Angeles and hopes never for Orlando, but soon for him.

3: Fuzzy at the Edges by [ profile] ladyjackyl. (Edit: her journal is friends only. Fic can also be found here)
Brad Pitt/Garrett Hedlund (one of only two fics of that pairing I've ever read and liked)

Why read this fic: Because it's a gorgeous example of stream-of-consciousness writing. Brad is drunk and his thoughts flutter and try to justify and roll on regardless in a realistic way. And because it's different, because it isn't Orlando or any of the characters I usually rec. And because I'd love to see Ladyjackyl's writing more recognised.

Extract: Garrett's just wearing a sarong. That's what it's called, isn't it? A sarong. It sounds foreign and hits the tongue with a saucy smack. He didn't make that one up, he's pretty sure.

4: Long Shadows by [ profile] chaosmanor.

Why read this fic?: It isn't one of Elaine's best known fics, nor, if I'm brutally honest, is it one of my favourites. But it has the most perfect ending which makes up for the fact that I'm not so fond of the beginning. It's slow and elegant and teasing. It's vivid, full of photographically exact moments that you can almost feel. And yeah, has one of my favourite endings ever. And a Viggo I can believe in.

Extract: Viggo’s flight left Madrid at sunset and the plane flew west, following the sun. He opened his journal and listed the colours of the sky.


Right, that's this week. Any suggestions for a theme for next week in the comments please! I have a few, but I'd like to see what you'd like.
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So, it looks like it'll be a Tuesday thing.

You voted for: Post (together) a collection of fics on a theme: historical AUs, Mpregs, Viggo-as-bottom etc.
Feel free to leave comments with suggestions of themes although I make no guarantee I'll use them - it depends what I think of to rec.

This week's theme is fics with something of magic or otherness in them. Not magic in the sense of wizards and wands, but just a little something that isn't quite normal.

Mardi Gras by [ profile] abundantlyqueer. (link is to [ profile] zoniduck's index, for ease of navigation)

Multiparing, including Orlando, Elijah, Viggo, Dom, Ian, Cate and Liv. So yes het content, although the focus is distinctly slashy.

Summary: It's the week of Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Orlando is an actor made famous by the LOTR films and he's in New Orleans for another round of interviews. But in this AU world it was Tobey Maguire and Stuart Townsend and Gwyneth Paltrow not Elijah and Viggo and Cate who starred alongside him. He has yet to meet Elijah and Viggo and Cate, yet to experience the power that pulses in New Orleans at this time of year.

Why read this?: Because it's delicious and you can't see where it's going. It's dark and powerful. [ profile] abundantlyqueer is the master of the Lotrips AU, her characters uncurl in enticing patterns, drawing you into the fic. And the descriptions are vivid, immediate. And the sex is hot. In fact all the writing is perfect - this is how I wish I could write. This Viggo is dangerous, mesmerising. This Elijah is smart but vulnerable. This fic is fabulous. And there are still bits that leave me wondering...

Extract: “I want – I want you to make me Queen of Mardi Gras,” Liv says in a rush, narrowing her eyes as if daring Viggo to laugh at her, but he doesn’t so much as flicker an eyelid.

“Oh woman you’re delusional,” Elijah crows. “The Queen of Mardi Gras’s picked from the oldest families in New Orleans. You’re a fucking club-singer from California.”

Viridian, Vermillion, Alizarin by [ profile] novanumbernine.

Viggo/Orlando. R

Summary: An artist finds a boy and when he helps him he discovers that the boy has wings.

Why read this fic?: For a start, because it's one of only two wingfics that I like. This is a fic that happens to have a character with wings, rather than a wing!fic. It's told in the first person, directly, all in terms of you and I, and it works. It's beautifully bittersweet, not a conventional romantic fic and the writing itself is gorgeous.

Extract: I still prepared my canvases the old-fashioned way, with rabbitskin glue and gesso I mixed myself, spooning pure white powder-chalk into a plastic bucket. I took a cup and filled a small breakfast bowl with chalk from one of the stiff brown paper bags I kept propped up against the studio wall. Kneeling down beside you, I began to drizzle and worry the chalkdust into your feathers.

Na Goshi by [ profile] abundantlyqueer (again!)
Just finished today, in fact.
One: The Lotus. Two: The Narrow Path. Three: Nogitsune. Four: The Ten Thousand Things. Five: Mara. Six: The Floating World. Seven: The Demon's Daughters. Eight: The Shade of the Bodhi Tree. Nine: A Koan of the Bodhisattva Lotus Eyes. Ten: The Thread Breaks. Eleven: Buddha Heart, Warrior Soul.

Multiparing: Viggo. Elijah. Orlando. Dom. Billy. NC17
This fic comes with non-con and character death warnings.

Summary: Elijah has been kidnapped. But the man who is holding him is not what he seems. And who is Billy and why is he there? Dom is a Buddhist monk, Orlando is something... What part do they have to play in Elijah's story?

Why read this fic?: Despite the warnings, or perhaps because of them, this fic is worth an explore. I've never read anything like it. Each chapter peels off a layer and makes the whole thing more complicated. It somehow seems very still, it's one of those fics that makes me want to sit quietly and think about it.

Extract: Dom and Orlando get out of the car and slam the doors closed. Orlando's wearing his habitual denims and sweater and long coat, but Dom's no longer dressed in his crimson robes. He's wearing black leather jeans and a skinny black tee shirt under a long gray suede jacket. His wooden prayer beads are wound around his right wrist, looping down a little onto the back of his hand.

"So, what?" Dom asks as he and Orlando walk side by side up the broad stone steps leading to the garden at the front of the house. "We just walk in an' take him back?"

Right, there you go, that's what I have to share for this week!
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Christmas is a time for sharing and all that. Since there are lots of people on my flist who don't actually know one another because I've friended you all over time and for different reasons I'm going to write a top ten (...or eleven or twelve) author recommendation. I love pointing people in the direction of fics I love: it's that same delicious feeling as watching someone else open a present you've picked for them.

There is no way I can rank these in any kind of order and I'm sure I've missed some important people, so don't be offended if you aren't there. There's a mix of fandoms, although the majority are LOTR RPS, not all are - I'll mention things as I get to them.

These are just some of the people I think are the best writers on LJ:

Things to bookmark and read over the holiday )

WHEW. That took all evening! But seriously, now I can selfishly see many of my favourites all linked from one post and I can point you lot to them. Go have a look.


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