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So, I did in fact write a Christmas-themed Merlin fic, but since it was a gift in [ profile] merlin_the_elf I couldn't admit it was mine until the reveal. (original posting)

For [ profile] fortassetu

Title: Midwinter
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: approx 5500
Summary: Merlin needs a Midwinter gift for Arthur. Arthur needs a Midwinter gift for Merlin.

Many thanks to [ profile] eldanna for reminding me that writing fluffy fics at Christmas is completely acceptable :P

Winter was drawing in and the nights were shortening )
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Title: Quintessence
Fandom: BBC's Merlin
Pairing: slight Arthur/Merlin
Rating: G
Wordcount: 1200
Spoilers: Reference to 1x13
Summary: What is magic, Gaius?

AN: Written for the [ profile] tamingthemuse prompt quintessence

What is magic, Gaius? )
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Title: For Fertility
Fandom: BBC's Merlin
Pairing: none yet (will be Merlin/Arthur, Arthur/Gwen, Merlin/Morgana)
Rating: this part PG13
Summary: Arthur wants Merlin to participate in a traditional custom

This is the first part of a longer oneshot (not the first of many chapters), posted now because it is written for the [ profile] tamingthemuse prompt Chiwara, the closing date for which is Sat 13th December. I am about to go away for the weekend (YES I WILL BE MISSING THE FINALE! I will watch it on iplayer on Monday *sob*)

As such, this fic will not be posted to the Merlin comms until I've written the second part too.

I have stolen all sorts of bits of customs from all over the place to create this festival. It's about as historically accurate as, well, the show. And yes, the historian in me is hugely ashamed. Please forgive me.

The twin fires burned like a pair of eyes on the hillside )
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I started this fic weeks ago, based on a conversation with [ profile] thisissirius here. It's been growing ever since. So today I will post it in honour of her birthday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SISSI!

Title: The Joye of Sexe (AKA That Arthur Is Obsessed with Sex Fic AKA The Little Porn Ficlet That Grew)
EDIT: [ profile] ineptshieldmaid has informed me that the Old English for this title would be Hæmedes dreám (which is decidedly better than my tongue-in-cheek Olde Englishe version)
Fandom: BBC's Merlin
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: NC17 (very much porn)
Wordcount: 8688 (yes, it appears that the longest fic I've written in this fandom so far started out as a porn scene)
Summary: Arthur has a lot of sex.
AN: includes the Taming phrase prompt "Great Minds Have Purposes"

The more time Merlin spent as Arthur’s manservant, the more he realised that Arthur did have a lot of sex. )
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Title: Melvin
Fandom: BBC's Merlin/Arthurian
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Summary: He waits.

AN: Contains the [ profile] tamingthemuse photo prompt "despair". Photo is at the end of the fic.

It's almost time to move on again )
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It's been a while since I've written something this fluffy. Enjoy.

Title: Something To Talk About
Fandom: BBC's Merlin
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: None specific
Words: 1000ish if 'ish' is 1300 more words.
Summary: Merlin and Arthur go for a ride

AN: Contains the tamingthemuse prompt "thirst"

This fic is for [ profile] eldanna who has two degrees and is on her way to a third :P

Merlin was hiding in the kitchens when Arthur found him. )
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Title: Dreams
Fandom: BBC's Merlin
Pairing: Merlin/Morgana (some Arthur/Morgana). Yes, you read that correctly. Normal service Arthur will shortly be resumed.
Rating: PG13
Summary: Morgana's dreams.

Contains the [ profile] tamingthemuse prompt "Dreamworld".

Read more... )
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Title: The Hazel and the Honeysuckle.
Fandom: Merlin
Paring: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: PG
Summary: A Merlin retelling of another Arthurian legend.
Words: 3322

AN: Written for the [ profile] tamingthemuse prompt "Hide and Seek".

Huge thanks to [ profile] drjenny88 for betaing.

Night is drawing in and they are no closer than they were at dawn )
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Okay, this might be a slightly odd one... It's Merlin but extended out with Arthurian Mythology. I'm not sure if it works.

Title: And So It Came To Pass
Fandom: BBC's Merlin
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin (with mention of Arthur/Gwen, Arthur/Morgana and Gwen/Lancelot)
Rating: PG
Summary: Mordred's forces draw close to Camelot.

AN: I know that last battle was supposedly at Camlann. But, really, it's not like I'm the first one to change thigns.

Contains [ profile] tamingthemuse prompt "mortal coil".

And so it came to pass... )
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A shorter, smuttier Merlin/Arthur/Lancelot fic. NC17
Written really fast, sorry for any errors, will correct them as/if I find them.

He couldn't think of anywhere he'd rather be... )
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Well, it's hardly a surprise that I ended up writing this after last night's episode...

Title: Together
Fandom: Merlin
Pairing: Arthur/Lancelot/Merlin (Lancelot/Merlin, Lancelot/Arthur and Arthur/Merlin and all three)
Rating: R
Spoilers: ep 5
A/N: Lancelot was obviously sleeping in Merlin's room. Clearly the programme makers wanted this to happen.

At first it is uncomfortable )

So, which next? The futurefic, a threesome with Morgana, a porny fic?
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You were warned. I want to play in the shiny baby fandom!

Title: Livery
Fandom: Merlin (won't make much sense if you read it as general Arthurian!)
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: PG

Summary: Arthur has something for Merlin.
Disclaimer: Not mine.

AN: Written for the [ profile] tamingthemuse prompt Claddagh


Livery )
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Five weeks ago the BBC started showing a new family-friendly TV drama in the Dr Who Saturday evening slot. This programme is called Merlin.

It's a deliberately unconventional version of the Arthurian legends with Merlin, Arthur (*points to icon*) et al as young adults.

I was not going to write in this new fandom. I really wasn't.

But then, four episodes in, Merlin started writhing around on the bed in fevered dreams calling out, "Arthur.. Arthur!... Faster, go faster!"

Any ability to not write them was gone.

And so, because this is a baby fandom of just four episodes (five is on Saturday) and there are many people on my flist who haven't seen it (Go download! It won't take long to catch up!) I present you with a bit of background with caps ready for the likely influx of porn fics:

Here be dragons )
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