Apr. 20th, 2009

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I don't like reading filters, but I was gone two and a half days and my flist got to skip = 360. Eek.

Also, while on numerous (delayed) trains, I was writing. Having written a list of planned/started fic, I, of course, ended up writing something completely different! :)
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Someone on [livejournal.com profile] merlin_finders is looking for a fic that I know I've read and I can't remember the author or the title. It isn't in any of the places I thought I would find it, which means that one of you must have recced it to me (in fact, I think I remember that happening, but not who!)

The fic was a one-shot told from the perspective of a king of a tribe who were involved in a battle of some kind which was turned in their favour by Arthur and his knights. Interactions with Arthur and Merlin are then related, which include the king using a translator to pretend that he can't speak the same language as Arthur. I remember it because it was different, and a cleverly told version of an outsider's view, including magic (I think there was a woman who could do magic?) and Merlin and Arthur's relationship.

HELP! Does anyone else remember this fic and who wrote it - and which of you recced it!?


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